ON-THE-DAY COORDINATION... do i need it?

Adam and I got married in front of 130 friends and family on a private property. It was a pretty simple affair, but it was still a lot of hard work. Yes the planning got tedious, and yes, we felt a bit bad asking our friends and family to pitch in, but looking back, it was the time leading up to our wedding day that was just as bonding for us as the day itself. Pulling off your wedding day (and being able to laugh off the stressful moments) is a BIG achievement, and we encourage everyone to take creative control wherever they can.

But... (and most importantly) there's the wedding day itself. This is is when you want to be able to switch off as 'event planners' and focus your energy on each other, your family and your friends. Handing over the coordination of all the little bits and pieces is quite possibly the best investment you will make. It will allow you to sit back, relax, and take in all the little moments that ultimately bind together to form a memory of what truly is one of the best days of your life.

To keep things simple, we offer two coordination packages, with details and pricing given below.


Our On-The-Day package is for the couple that has done most of the booking and planning themselves, but wants the peace of mind on their wedding day that someone else will be looking after all their important plans. You may also have a venue that requires you to have a coordinator for the day.

The roll of the wedding coordinator on your wedding day is to ensure vendors are on time and running to schedule and the day is flowing just as it should be.

service includes

  • One coordinator (Anika or Adam)
  • Pre-wedding consultation prior to wedding, plus any required phone/email contact
  • Management of run-sheet (supplied by you) and vendor liaison on the day
  • Assistance with bump-in/bump of vendors out during hours of coordination as required
  • Management of parking and any other coordination of people moving locations as required
  • Venue Manager liaison on the day as required
  • In collaboration with celebrant, ensure Ceremony runs on time and to schedule
  • Assist photographer in gathering people for family photos etc
  • Ensure bridal party is on schedule throughout the day and in the correct place when needed
  • Disbursement of any on the day payments- hairdresser, florist etc.
  • In collaboration with Master of Ceremonies, ensure reception is running to schedule
  • Field and manage questions and issues between Couple/Bridal Party/Guests and any vendors on the day

PRICE: $500 for 8hrs (min. charge). $50/hr thereafter.


Hand over some (or all) of the planning, logistics, event set-up and styling in the days, weeks or even months leading up to your wedding.

SERVICE includes

  • Our on-the-day package as outlined above
  • Either (or both) or us, as required (e.g. you may need Anika's planning skills, and Adam's set-up skills)
  • Venue and supplier research, selection and liaison as required
  • Coordination, planning and logistics for power, lighting, audio-visual, toilets, refrigeration, rubbish management
  • Assistance with design, styling, set-up and decorations
  • Note: Additional staff for assistance with set-up can be arranged as required.

Price: $1000 for 8hrs on-the-day, 10hrs preparation, $50/HR thereafter

Sometimes, you just need someone to shoo away the cows...

Sometimes, you just need someone to shoo away the cows...