A Remix on the Mule

Moscow Mules have proven to a popular request through the hatch this year. And well-deserved... the crispness of the vodka, zingy ginger and zesty lime is the perfect post-meal pick-me-up for getting those twinkle toes ready for the dance floor.

We recently came across these fun and easy twists on the classic recipe, our fave being the Garden Party Mule. The rosemary's fresh, earthy scent captures all your senses and gives the drink a more grounded flavour. 

The Garden Party Mule

Ingredients (for one drink)

30ml Vodka
ginger beer
edible flowers (optional)


First, make a traditional Moscow Mule by combining vodka with ginger beer on ice. Squeeze juice of half a lime. Next, add fresh herbal elements for garnish, taste and scent! 

Canavan Drinkspiration THe Garden Party Mule1

Photography: Elsie Larson, A Beautiful Mess