Welcome to our first Venue Report...

You see, The Canavan isn't your regular event supplier. At 6m long and 50 years old, she needs to firstly be able to fit, as well as easily access a location without damage to her, or the property. Secondly, she needs to enhance a space, not detract from it, so we like to determine where The Canavan will not only best service the event from a practical perspective, but also what else can be done to the space to make it look and feel like an amazing bar experience!

Which is why we always endeavour to do a site visit to a new venue. Plus it's a great excuse to hit the road and explore this beautiful part of the world we call home.

The 'do it your way' destination wedding, with a backdrop!

Our first venue report is for Midginbill Hill, a working cattle farm based on the periphery of Nightcap National Park, in the spectacular shadow of Mt Warning. Originally set up as a group camping and accommodation facility, the owners have been operating weddings for the past 6 years, and the spot is definitely earning its stripes as an affordable alternative to a 'destination' wedding.

The Fig Tree hilltop ceremony location (dry weather only)

The Fig Tree hilltop ceremony location (dry weather only)

Perfect for large, low-cost, 3-day wedding celebrations, Midginbill Hill offers a range of casual, rustic accommodation (from camping, to dorm rooms and a guesthouse lodge), on-site meals, a large covered barn for hosting your reception, and a very hands-off 'do if your way' approach to how you go about planning your actual day.

Rustic charm at its best

Here at The Canavan, we're suckers for things that are a little rough around the edges (we did spend 18 months renovating a dilapidated caravan after all), but there's something so timeless, and incredibly heart warming about things, spaces and places that have a story to tell. 

From the charming main guest lodge, with its fading photographs on the walls, to the large, corrugated roof barn (complete with icicle fairy lights), this place just oozes character. With our respective backgrounds in design, props and styling, within minutes we were measuring up the barn and imagining the ultimate bush-wedding brew-ha-ha!

Some couples might run a million miles from a dark, no-frills barn, but if you're like us, and see a big hall full of smiling faces, good food, great music, and The Canavan parked outside the hatch serving up your drinks, then this place is for you! There is even a bonfire pit for later in the night to keep the hearts warm and the conversation flowing.

For Adam and I, there is something really special about being out in nature with all your closest friends and family, and having the time to spend with each and every one of your guests over the course of the weekend. We especially love the owner's laid back, positive attitude - it's clear that he loves hosting wedding parties, even if it does mean he's on call almost every weekend of the year!

To enquire, contact Tony with your suggested dates (as they do book up!), and request an information pack. Or check our their website for videos and testimonials.

Email: midginbil1@bigpond.com
Website:  www.midginbilhill.com.au/weddings.htm